If you’re reading this little blurb, you’re probably detail-oriented. The details (and the design) are what set Millie apart - from our integrations with popular communication tools to our SSO & provisioning, we’ve got you covered.
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Communication Tools

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Slack + Millie: Impact your company can see
Build community and engage employees where they are 
Use our event builder to plan volunteer events for your team. Plan different shifts, track event capacity, and encourage donations for the nonprofit right from the event page. Employees can search, sign up for, and add the event to their calendars with Millie! 
Give back on Slack
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Teams Integration: Give back, together
Streamline communications and collaboration around impact
Social impact doesn't just look good - it feels good too. Bolster your culture and engage your employees around giving, made easy with our Teams integration! Create channels around causes, automate announcements about volunteering, follow feeds of your impact campaigns, and more. Bring your dispersed workforce together around the causes that matter most to them - all where you're already working, on Microsoft Teams.
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SSO & Provisioning

Easy access for your team; seamless to maintain
Using Millie is secure and simple for teams and admins
Let's face it - people are more likely to engage in any initiative when it's frictionless and fun. With Millie’s SSO integrations, your employees can access Millie just by logging into their main account, like they do every morning. And as your IT folks will tell you, SSO is extremely secure. With automatic provisioning in the mix, you won't have to lift a finger to keep your employee database synced up with Millie's database. That frees up your team to dive in and get creative with your social impact programs, infusing your company culture with even more purpose and meaning.
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Donor Amplification
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Calendar Tools
calendar integrations
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