Workplace Giving Campaign

Boost employee engagement with an employee giving program that’s simple and flexible—and on a budget.
Build a culture of giving with workplace giving software. Support your employees and the impactful nonprofits that inspire them with a matching gift program that works best for your CSR initiatives while developing a social impact strategy.
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Matching Gifts

Seamless, flexible workplace giving programs
Where matching gifts makes workplace giving easy and fun. Boost corporate giving with simple and convenient giving options. By showing your company cares about giving back, your flexible workplace campaign with Millie will create a culture of giving—regardless of company size. Engage your part time employees and full time employees by giving them employee donation match opportunities with their favorite nonprofits, designating which organizations are match eligible, and which match ratios you'd like set. All donations are tax-deductible eligible. Want to set it up as a payroll deduction? No problem! With Millie employees can set up monthly automatic payroll deductions for the nonprofits they love.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Encourage employee retention with a workplace giving campaign around a cause area
Support nonprofit organizations that your employees care about through easy and flexible workplace giving. Set up an employees giving campaign and allow your team to donate with one of these payment methods: credit card or payroll deduction. Amplify your Corporate Social Responsibility program by running a simple and fun campaign. Mobilize employees around particular events or causes. With a flexible design, you can build campaigns around specific nonprofits or launch new initiatives to spearhead CSR goals.
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Organize and Empower your employee resource groups, offices, and more
Empower leaders of your employee resource groups, office locations, teams, and other groups with tools to seamlessly plan fundraising events, manage memberships, run workplace giving campaigns and more. Develop a workplace giving program that empowers partnerships for charitable contributions and encourages team building. Build community and enhance belonging from grassroots initiatives all on one giving platform.

Giving Madness

Level up workplace giving with a gamified experience
Boost charitable giving year-round with the giving craze that’s sweeping the nation. Support nonprofits through gamified charitable giving. Companies contribute to a donation pool and employees vote to advance their favorite nonprofit organizations. It’s taking your usual sponsorship to the next level and including your team. Human Resource teams love Giving Madness because it’s simple to set up with really high participation. Watch workplace giving engagement sky-rocket!
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Dollars for Doers

Boost social impact with a volunteer program that rewards doers
Workplace giving that rewards employees with charitable dollars to give to the causes they love when they track volunteer hours. Find volunteer programs (or create your own!) with our user-friendly Slack app. Inspire employee engagement with ease.

Organizers and employees alike can search our curated list of great in-person and remote volunteer opportunities. With an emphasis on great team opportunities, the workplace giving software also functions as a resource for teams looking to plan activities together around giving back or fundraising in their local community. Volunteer grants are the most efficient way to reward a company’s employees who have charitable organizations they care about.
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Build a culture of giving
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Ready to make an impact?

Get started on Millie to launch or grow your corporate social impact program. Connect with employees and stakeholders by making impactful positive change with a low lift. Demo Millie’s real time corporate social responsibility tools with our all-in-one social impact platform.
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