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Global Corporate Impact

Experience the power of corporate giving on a global scale. Empower your teams, near and far, to make a difference worldwide. Support nonprofits across the globe. Create impact everywhere, for everyone.
Support nonprofits you care about, near and far
Discover and support over 7M nonprofits worldwide through our expansive international nonprofit database. Whether it's Paris, France or Paris, Texas, easily navigate through locations and uncover corporate volunteer opportunities close to home or across the globe. With our platform, you can make a meaningful impact on causes that matter to you, regardless of distance.
Boost employee engagement, everywhere!
Connect with your global teams effortlessly with our corporate giving software. Whether your employees are just down the street or across the world, foster engagement and collaboration across all locations. With our platform, you can empower every team member to participate in corporate giving initiatives, regardless of their geographical location. Say goodbye to distance barriers and hello to a more connected and engaged workforce, no matter where they are.
Empower employees with giving in their local currencies
Empower your global teams effortlessly! Whether your colleagues are in the bustling streets of Sydney or the vibrant metropolis of Singapore, our currency options ensure seamless support across borders. With just a few clicks, you can facilitate contributions and payments in local currencies, fostering collaboration and inclusivity across borders. Say goodbye to currency barriers and hello to truly global impact.
Impact in every language
*coming soon*
Our corporate giving software boasts robust language translation capabilities, enabling seamless giving experiences for all, regardless of location or language. From Tokyo to Toronto, our platform ensures that every individual can contribute and make a difference in their preferred language. Say goodbye to linguistic barriers and embrace a world where philanthropy knows no bounds.
Take action during international emergencies
Rally your team around global giving during an international crisis. With an international CSR program in place, you can empower your employees to support global causes in real time. Support international nonprofits, big and small, while they are providing direct relief.
Global vetting peace of mind
Our global impact program provides peace of mind with a strict eligibility criteria vetting process provided by the Percent Impact Foundation. Provide global nonprofit support opportunities for your company without the hassle or worry of international nonprofit eligibility.
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