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Empower leaders of your ERGs, office locations, teams, and other groups with tools to seamlessly plan events, manage memberships, run campaigns and more. Build community and enhance belonging at all levels.
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Organize your ERGs and other groups with an easy-to-use page builder
Use our page builder to highlight what's happening, from giving campaigns to volunteer events to social events and more. Customizable content blocks allow organizers to showcase whatever they want - from big wins to fun facts.
Manage members in one centralized place
Employees can browse through all the available affinity groups right on your Groups page and join with one click! Organizers can manage group members in one centralized place. It's a simple and elegant solution to what can otherwise become a chaotic mess.
Highlight important resources and causes
Organizers can point members in the right direction by linking directly to external resources, their favorite nonprofits, events, volunteer opportunities, campaigns and more on their Groups page. 
Integrate your groups directly with Slack
Organizers can integrate their groups with Slack at the click of a button. Employees will be able to type "/groups" into Slack to see all the available groups at your org. They can join the corresponding Slack channels with one click.
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An affinity group tool that organizers and employees will love using
Want to build community and offer safe spaces within your org? Want to empower your group leaders with tools to make organizing events and campaigns easy and effective? Want employees to know exactly how to join and participate in the groups they care about? Our Groups tool will help you nail all of the above! 🔨
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