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Give back on Slack

Seamlessly integrate into Slack for impact everyone can see
Add giving to your team's culture. With easy access commands, monthly messages, and celebratory milestones, the Slack app helps you build a community around giving back. 
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Engage your team in giving back—where they are.
We all know, your team spends a huge part of their day on Slack. Millie’s Slack app will transform how your team engages around donating to and volunteering with the causes they love. Show them how much you support them and the community with the Millie + Slack.
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Build community where your community is
Your company lives on Slack. With remote, hybrid, and global workforces Slack is where community is built. The Millie Slack app lets you build a greater sense of community by easily starting impact programs and giving back with you teams. And with tools they’ll love. 
Donation matching on Slack
Thinking about rolling out a donation match program with your team? Millie and the Millie Slack app help you drive employee engagement rates up and on budget. 
Volunteer coordination on channels
Easily create, manage, and coordinate your volunteer programs with Millie and the Millie Slack app. Bring sign ups to life. Employees can sign up and coordinate all within an event Slack channel. 
Skyrocket those employee engagement rates
Employees rave about how easy and beautiful Millie is. Boost already high engagement rates with Millie’s Slack app that will let you natively give back on Slack.
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Watch your team rally behind causes and each other.
Build community while doing good together and supporting causes your company and your team would like to support—all within Slack.
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Ready to make an impact?

Get started on Millie to launch or grow your corporate social impact program. Connect with employees and stakeholders by making impactful positive change with a low lift. Demo Millie’s real time corporate social responsibility tools with our all-in-one social impact platform.
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