Give the goods,
Track the deeds:

Host a drive.

Rally employees around giving by creating a goods donation drive event, a trash pickup drive, an acts of kindness challenge, and more.
Goods Drive
Host & track a goods drive for your local community organizations
Excite employees with a food drive, clothing drive, toy drive, school supply drive or any other goods drive! Customize your company drive to rally around cause areas your employees are passionate about. Goods can include customized unit pricing so that social impact leads have the option to offer donation matching. Inspire giving with tangible analytics for your employee!
Trash Pickup
Seamlessly rally & track around trash clean ups; make it interactive with item tracking
Organize a trash pickup drive with customized features like types of trash, hours volunteered, and more. Encourage healthy competition among groups or locations with our easy tracking features.
Employee Wellness
Track miles or steps towards giving & wellness challenges
Create a culture of wellness by tracking miles or steps with an employee wellness drive. Build a community and empower employees through a rewarding wellness program. Distance can be tracked with a click of a button. Create a rewards system to incentivize employees!
Acts of Kindness
Empower employee acts of kindness with a drives campaign
Use our Drives builder to create an Acts of Kindness Drive. Create a community of positivity with a custom Acts of Kindness event. Acts of Kindness can be customized to fit your company culture. AOK can include buying a coworker a coffee, writing an inspirational note, giving a compliment, or saying good morning! Little gestures that will go a long way.
A Drives event platform that employees will love using
What to build a community through donations? Want to organize a trash pickup to rally employees around environmental causes? Want to inspire a culture of wellness and fun with healthy competition? Want to create a culture of kindness with an Acts of Kindness Drive? Our new Drives tool can create, track and inspire 1,000’s of company movements with our customizable Drives platform.
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