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Highlight your company’s social impact with easy-to-use, robust analytics.
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Filters, graphs, searches, oh my!
Data lovers rejoice. Search and filter data on employees, events, campaigns and more. C-suite ready graphs for your next presentation are ready in one click.
Slice and dice your data, live
Love showing your impact immediately following an event? Data is updated in real time for accurate and up-to-date results.
Add custom filters *coming soon*
We pride ourselves on supporting CSR programs of all shapes and sizes. Create and pull in custom attributes and filters to see your data in new ways.
The proof is in the data: C-suite ready program metrics
We love supporting your program with metrics so you can support your team. Check out some of the many analytics features available to support your program:

🚶Track volunteer events by hours, by amount of volunteers, amount of nonprofits supported and Dollars for Doers.
💸Analyze, record and report donations made. Filter by date, campaign, employee, and more.
💹Record matches unused at EOY.
🧥Track miles walked, coats donated, trash bags filled, or acts of kindness with our drives feature.
🎁Report amounts of gifts redeemed and filter between employees and customer gifts for EOY reporting.
🎊Showcase Giving Madness brackets with ready to use reports that include engagement and participation rates, donation and voting totals, top 10 nonprofits listed and filtered by cause area, and more.
Millie’s Approach to Data
Looking to take your program to the next level, armed with real-time data and analytics? Do you dream of presenting your program to the C-suite to secure the additional resources you need? Is showcasing your company's commitment to social impact through reports and metrics a top priority for you? Our live analytics, user-friendly platform provides all the data you need to do just that. And we aim to provide as many options and customizable features as possible to support each and every program.😍
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