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Bring your team together and create a thoughtful, engaged culture with in-person or remote volunteer opportunities.
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Create custom volunteer events for your team
Use our event builder to plan volunteer events for your team. Plan different shifts, track event capacity, and encourage donations for the nonprofit right from the event page. Employees can search, sign up for, and add the event to their calendars with Millie! 
Explore our database of remote and in-person volunteer opportunities
Organizers and employees alike can search our curated list of great in-person and remote volunteer opportunities. With an emphasis on great team opportunities, the database also functions as a resource for teams looking to plan activities together around giving back in their communities.
Manage sign ups, track hours, and see your impact
Employees can track their hours from external or company volunteer events, while organizers can simply and easily track hours for any events through the platform with the click of a button. 
Reward volunteers with Dollars for Doers
Reward your employees when they volunteer with a Dollars for Doers program, automatically gifting them charitable dollars to give to the causes they love.
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A volunteer management tool that social impact leads will love using
Want to easily create events for your team to sign up for? Want to manage and track hours? Want to showcase the incredible work your team is doing? Our simple tools allow for this all to happen, while making it a fun, joyful experience. Did you see that dashboard?! 😍
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