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Is your company looking for the best way to give? Compare Millie with Blackbaud's YourCause: with an optimized user experience, over 1.7 million nonprofits, charitable gifting for employees and customers, customizable features and more, incorporating CSR into your workplace has never been easier. Check out a few ways we stack up:

  1. Your user experience
  2. Your money goes farther with Millie
  3. High engagement with unique tools
  4. For the non-Fortune 500 teams
  5. P.S.

Benevity is great, they’re helping some of the world’s largest businesses around employee engagement and CSR.

But if you're not a Fortune 500 company, you'll likely prioritize a clean and simple user interface, fast implementation time, and making sure it fits within budget—all of which are super important to us at Millie.

We know company size shouldn't be a factor in your ability to give back with their employees. Companies of any size should still have a way to give back, engage employees, and have an impact on the world around us. It's not just Benevity's focus on larger enterprises that may not make them the right choice for you. Depending on the functionality you're looking for in an employee engagement, CSR, and workplace giving software, Millie's platform could be the right Benevity alternative product for you.

So, What’s The Difference?
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1. Your user experience

Although our product is created with corporate social responsibility, community investment, and employee engagement in mind, we still want the experience of logging in and using Millie to be delightful.

Due to the nature of Benevity being an older company, their user interface can be a harder-to-use software solution.

And with Millie, everything is all under one, seamless platform without having different logins for reporting vs building like Benevity.

At Millie, our founding team comes from the design and social innovation space. Intuitive, beautiful design is kind of our thing. From admin setting up fundraising campaigns to employees setting up donations and nonprofits claiming their profiles in our database of organizations, every stakeholder in your Millie ecosytem will experience a streamlined and user friendly workflow.

2. Your money goes farther with Millie

As we mentioned in the beginning, Benevity was created for the world's largest businesses, and their pricing reflects that. For their giving and volunteering management system, customers often pay upwards of $100,000+ annually. This is a price that's not always in every company's budget, especially those newer to corporate giving and corporate purpose programs, or smaller companies with a more realistic overall budget.

For fun, impactful, all-in-one workplace giving for all, Millie has you covered. And on budget.

From employee engagement functionality like donation matching and company volunteering to fundraising campaigns and charitable gifting, and a database of local nonprofit organizations near you, every company can leave a lasting impact with Millie…For a quarter of the price.

Millie also does not take any portion of donations processed through our system. Credit card fees still get taken by Stripe (2.2% + 30 cents) like they do on the nonprofit's website. Benevity does take a volume-based charity support fee that they deduct from the donation when the funds are distributed to the charity.

This generally will not affect how much you pay for a platform but instead the breadth of your overall impact.

We also are big believers in transparent pricing so it's a level playing field. You can check out our pricing tool here: Millie Pricing Tool

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3. High engagement with unique tools

You'll notice the team here at Millie is hyper-focused on the one thing in the industry that we think is most important: engagement. We don't want Millie and your social impact program to sit on a shelf, so we're constantly innovating on impactful tools that will double and triple your usual engagement. We of course have the essentials – volunteer management tools, donation matching, a nonprofit database, and more. But we also have built out some special feature that will level up your social impact program.

Giving Madness: 2x + 3x your engagement

For teams that are focused on high engagement, Giving Madness is for you. Giving Madness is a bracket-style giving tournament that allows your team to democratically pick where corporate donations should go via a 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month tournament. Learn where your team wants to give back, get everyone talking, and make an impact together. Learn more about Madness >

Charitable Gift Cards

Charitable gift cards are another initiative Millie customers love. Send an employee a gift card that they can use to support their favorite nonprofit. Millie even allows you to set an expiration date and gift to prospective and current customers – CSR doesn't have to stop outside your office's doors!

4. For the non-Fortune 500 teams

If you have a CSR team of 30, you probably are better suited for Benevity. If you're a team of none, 1, or a few social impact folks, Millie is probably right for you. We're super focused on mid-market businesses and because of that, we've built tools like the Slack and Teams integrations for simple, no-lift communications and engagement. We know you wear many hats, and so the tools across all areas of the product reflect that. With tons of automated communication, simple live-builders, and campaign templates you can have a robust program with a few clicks per month!

Slack + Millie

With the Slack / Millie integration, you and your team can bring all of that amazing social impact activity to where your company lives: Slack. Your engagement rates will never be the same; leverage channels for campaigns, volunteer events, employee resource groups and more. And search from within the Slack interface for all the programming you are running on Millie, it will show up with links and calls-to-action so your team can be a part of giving back from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams + Millie

If you are a Microsoft Teams company, you probably have lots of your team communicating and spending time on Teams. Rather than try to pull your folks outside of their current workflow, our integration brings all of your amazing social impact programming to where your team is already. Get ready to level up those participation rates. With channels around causes, automation around volunteering, feeds of your impact campaigns, and more. Bring your workforce together around the causes that matter most to them - all where you're already working, on Microsoft Teams.

Campaign Templates

With our campaign template library, we have easy to use pre-vetted campaigns with content, orgs, and volunteer opportunities for causes throughout the year. No more legwork, just 2 clicks and add any customizations you like!

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You'll Grow, We'll Grow With You

Here at Millie, we're passionate about connecting you with your employees and your community through easy, impactful workplace giving. We're here to help businesses of all shapes, sizes, and budgets through our flexible SaaS based pricing that allows you to pay for what you need, with no upfront costs or donation-volume fees.

With functionality like Giving Madness, Slack + Teams integrations, Campaign Templates and more, our tools are focused on helping you build a robust program without tons of resources. Let the platform do a lot of the heavy lifting so you can do all the strategic stuff 😎.

We're a small team passionate about social impact that is excited to help you operationalize, launch, or scale your CSR or social impact program!

And it should also be noted that we are big fans of Benevity, and if you're a Fortune 500 company, we'll probably send you their way 😉

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