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CyberGrants Alternative

Find a CyberGrants Alternative for Your Company's Social Impact Initiatives

Looking to expand your corporate social responsibility and employee engagement program? See how Millie compares when it comes to all functionality: an easy-to-use interface, access to over 1.7 million nonprofits, unbeatable pricing, integrations, unique features like Giving Madness, Groups tools, a quick setup and more, all in one place. We'll break it down for you:

  1. Enjoy your user experience
  2. Utilize your budget to the max
  3. Empower your employees
  4. Built for small and nimble CSR teams
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1. Enjoy your user experience

Millie's goal is simple: to help your company do good. We want to help your company engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), employee engagement, and anything social impact in the workplace with our cloud-based social impact management system. That experience should be as easy as possible.

CyberGrants is an older company with an emphasis on grant management, so their interface and functionality are not always as easy to use or focused on the social impact you make with your employees. Millie is focused on employee engagement, nonprofit fundraising with your team,

We designed Millie to with functionality in mind to streamline your social impact experience. We have an easily customizable dashboard and tools, and our customer support team is always at the ready if you have a new feature in mind – or just use one of our built-in fundraising campaign templates. You can also access your company's giving metrics with our built-in analytics suite. Whatever you have in mind for your company's CSR efforts, Millie will make it easy.

Ditch the spreadsheets, and upgrade your workflow. With different levels of permissions, we allow admins to extend their team with dozens or even hundreds of impact champions - getting all stakeholders involved.  

2. Utilize your budget to the max: Millie’s budget-friendly pricing

If you're looking at CyberGrants alternatives, you probably want to get the best value with your budget. With our SaaS-based pricing, Millie can give you the CSR tools you need at a value that can't be beat. Our pricing is flexible and budget-friendly.

Most CyberGrants competitors have a charity support fee. Unlike other corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms, Millie doesn't. To get the most impact out of your employee giving program, the money donated goes straight to the nonprofit.

Our all-in-one platform is catered to small teams on a budget. Most importantly, Millie helps you emphasize employee engagement at your company. If you're looking to boost social impact at your company, you're also probably hoping to boost employee engagement, which is why we have wide-ranging tools beyond just grantmaking capabilites for you to take advantage of to maximize both your value and your company's overall impact. From management solutions for donors and volunteers to a pre-built donation matching program and more, make an impact on both your employees and the greater good with Millie.

To learn more about features and cost, use our transparent pricing tool here: Millie Pricing Tool

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3. Employee Engagement: Empower your employees

Millie has many employee engagement options – volunteer management tools, a global nonprofit database, custom dashboards, easily accessible donor management, built-in templates, customer support for custom features, and more! Our customized match program that allows your employees to easily request a match – or choose a preselected one – means you can empower your employees to give with the promise of a doubled donation! We also have some exciting features unique to Millie that your company's employees will be psyched to try out:

Giving Madness

Ready to get the whole company engaged in grantmaking? Giving Madness is a bracket-style giving tournament that allows your team to democratically pick where corporate donations should go via a 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month tournament. The Giving Madness functionality is so unique and automates the entire process. It turns the traditional grant management software on its head and leverages employee engagement to both fundraise and select the nonprofits you will grant out to. It’s a real-time, gamified experience, that employees, human resource departments, and social impact teams love! Learn where your team wants to give back, get everyone talking, and make an impact together. Learn more about Madness >

Groups Tools

Have employee resource groups or office locations that spearhead much of your volunteer and giving programming? Give them the tools and ecosystem to drive engagement with our Groups pages, integrations, events, and campaigns.

Charitable Gift Cards

Doing good is easy with charitable gift cards, and more than that, it helps social impact permeate the workplace in a fun and positive way. With automated gift card campaigns, your employees and customers will visit website and donate with ease of use. and (And if you're worried about money left on the table, you can set expiration dates so you can allocate any unused dollars!)

4. Integrations + Functionality built for small and nimble CSR teams

Millie is unique in that we are built for small social impact teams where everyone wears lots of hats! Our platform reflects that: we've built our Slack and Teams integrations for simple, no-lift communications and engagement. And check out our live-builders and campaign templates; a robust program with little lift!

Slack + Millie

If your company is on Slack, you can now use it to fuel your social impact program. Millie + Slack allows your employees to engage in employee giving and plan volunteer events (as well as streamline volunteer management) seamlessly within the Slack. Let the automated reminders replace any communication management platform.

Microsoft Teams + Millie

Bolster your culture and engage your employees around giving, made easy with our Teams integration! Create channels around causes, automate announcements about volunteering, follow feeds of your impact campaigns, and more. Bring your dispersed workforce together around the causes that matter most to them - all where you're already working, on Microsoft Teams.

Campaign Templates

So much going on, not sure where to begin? We got you, with dozens of templates with pre-vetted content, orgs, and volunteer opportunities for causes throughout the year.

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Get Started and Grow With Millie

At Millie, we're passionate about providing you with the best possible functionality for doing good. If you're here, you're probably just as passionate about doing good in the best way possible – that's why you're deciding between CyberGrants alternatives. We want to help your business, no matter the size, through our flexible SaaS-based pricing, great value, unique fundraising, donating, and volunteering solutions, all with an easy-to-use, end-to-end software solution.

Among the alternative providers in the space like WizeHive, Benevity, EveryAction, Salesforce CRM, Submittable, Millie has stood out with its user-friendly user experience and innovative ways to engage employees in giving back to nonprofit organizations.

We want to help you bring whatever amazing social impact idea you have to life, beyond just grantmaking, we offer a variety of modules. We're ready to help you incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your entire business, from boosting employee engagement to supporting customers.

No matter the business size, mid-market business or small business, our team can't wait to help you with your dream corporate social responsibility (CSR) or social impact program!

Ready to make an impact?

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