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Find the Right Social Impact Software For Your Company

Is your company looking for the best way to give? Compare Millie with Blackbaud's YourCause: with an optimized user experience, over 1.7 million nonprofits, charitable gifting for employees and customers, customizable features and more, incorporating CSR into your workplace has never been easier. Check out a few ways we stack up:

  1. Optimize your user experience
  2. Get the most out of your budget
  3. Discover unique ways to give for high engagement
  4. Built for teams like yours
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1. Optimize your user experience

Millie was created to do good. We help companies engage in corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, and anything social impact in the workplace. But just because we're a technology company doesn't mean that experience needs to be complicated. In fact, we think it should be the opposite.

YourCause's CSRconnect interface can be difficult to navigate. We designed Millie to be an all-in-one social impact platform with both functionality and simplicity in mind. Unlike other platforms, our implementation can take as little as an hour or as long as a few weeks, and we'll walk you through each step. We have easily customizable tools, and our customer service team is always ready to help you build out a new feature for your company's next social impact initiative. Not to worry though – we also have built-in fundraising campaign templates ready if you want to launch a new one ASAP. No matter what type of good you want to do, Millie makes it exceptionally easy to empower your employees to the max – and look good while doing it.

‍Basically, corporate philanthropy has never looked (or felt) better.

2. Get the most out of your budget

If you're comparing Millie and YourCause, you probably want the most bang for your buck. As a small company ourselves, we understand the need to find amazing products at amazing value. Millie provides you with the value you need out of a CSR platform – pay only for what you need through our SaaS-based pricing.

Millie is one of the only YourCause competitors that has no charity support fee. Unlike other workplace giving platforms, the money you donate goes straight to the nonprofit of your choice. This maximizes the impact of your employee giving.

‍You can also maximize your impact – and value – by taking advantage of all the unique features that are included in our platform. Our all-in-one platform is priced for teams on a budget. You can use our transparent pricing tool here: Millie Pricing Tool

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3. Discover unique ways to give for high engagement

Millie offers a multitude of engagement solutions for a similar price. We have the essentials – volunteer management tools, donation matching, a nonprofit database, and more. But we also have some unique features that your social responsibility program can take full advantage of.

Giving Madness

Ready for some really high engagement? Giving Madness is a bracket-style giving tournament that allows your team to democratically pick where corporate donations should go via a 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month tournament. Companies love it, and employees love joining in. Learn where your team wants to give back, get everyone talking, and make an impact together. Learn more about Madness >

Charitable Gift Cards

Charitable gift cards are another initiative unique to Millie. Send an employee a gift card that they can use to support their favorite nonprofit. Millie even allows you to gift to prospective and current customers – CSR doesn't have to stop outside your office's doors!

4. Built for teams like yours

Millie is unique in that we are built for social impact teams of 1 or 1/100th. You may be the entire CSR team of 1, or you may be on the HR team and impact is one of the many hats you wear. Because of this, we've built tools like the Slack and Teams integrations for simple, no-lift communications and engagement. We also have easy to use live-builders and campaign templates for you to have a robust program with a few clicks per month!

Slack + Millie

Our Slack integration empowers your company to engage in employee giving or plan volunteerism (and track volunteer hours) anytime, anywhere. Your whole company is already on Slack – why not use it to its fullest potential?

Microsoft Teams + Millie

Bolster your culture and engage your employees around giving, made easy with our Teams integration! Create channels around causes, automate announcements about volunteering, follow feeds of your impact campaigns, and more. Bring your dispersed workforce together around the causes that matter most to them - all where you're already working, on Microsoft Teams.

Campaign Templates

Not sure what campaigns or programming to run? We got you! We have dozens of templates with pre-vetted content, orgs, and volunteer opportunities for causes throughout the year.

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Get Started and Grow With Millie

We believe that change comes from everyone – that means companies of all sizes. If you're here, you probably believe that too – that's why you're deciding between YourCause and Millie. Here at Millie, we're ready to help you implement the corporate social responsibility program of your dreams.

Whether its fundraising campaigns, volunteerism, donation matching, charitable gifting, or another sweet social impact idea you have, we can help you incorporate it not only into your company to boost employee engagement, but also into your entire business, customers and all.

Our small team is passionate about social impact, and we know your team is too, no matter the size. We can't wait to help you operationalize, launch, or scale your CSR or social impact program!

Ready to make an impact?

Get started on Millie to launch or grow your corporate social impact program. Connect with employees and stakeholders by making impactful positive change with a low lift. Demo Millie’s real time corporate social responsibility tools with our all-in-one social impact platform.
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